carp fishing in france

Catch Reports


4th - 18th August

Had a super 2 weeks and well pleased with our choice of venue. To be honest have lost count of how many fish we caught between the 3 of us but we did manage 6 fortie's with the biggest of the 6 going 49lb.07oz a truly awesome fish. Peter managed a new personal best of 44lb.10oz he also had 8 * 30's we think that in addition to the above we caught 60 and 65 fish between the 3 of us. Hard to put in to words as this lake is just the tops of the tops

Change nothing and well see you again sometime for a bit of a crack!

25th - 1st September

Top swim:........all landed from here
Middle swim:....poor
Top swim:....... all best fish landed from here 32 runs from this swim.
Lost several very, very big fish, heart broken but that's fishing. Best fish of the week went 39lb.12oz should have been bigger

20 + 22ml rock hard NRG'S doing the business, the more bait you put in the more you will catch on this venue

A great venue with lots of huge carp.

My Lake, My Girlfriend and 3 fat commons.....

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