carp fishing in france

Catch Reports


22nd - 29th July

Had a nightmare getting over here due to an accident near to Paris so arrived very lake in the afternoon but were pleased to see some very big girls crashing out all over the lake. We caught 8 fish up untill Monday moring but just seemed to have switched off from then onwards with only another 3 fish betwen us. Can not complain though as i caught a fish called blackspot at a whopping 69.04oz !! which smashed my P.B, over the moon. Only hope now that the trip goes a little better on the way back

Lovely place Fred and would like to come back at a later stage. Terry and Frank Bannerman - London

15th - 22nd July

Just had a quick tot up before leaving 27 carp to 62lb(common) and 5 catfish best went a 52lb. Fished swim 1 and 3 and did the last night down the end where i had the big common, mainline celll and lots of it !

Thanks for all the charging Fred and see you again next year. Ryan, Lee and Nick from Sunbridge

1st - 7th July

Hi Fred and Danny. Had a wonderful 6 days and nights on what is a really trully beautiful lake in very peaceful surroundings. I ended up with 11 carp and 6 catfish for the week, 18lb, 24lb, 29.08, 33lb, 33.12, 35.04, 36.12, 37lb, 37lb, 43.08, 56lb the biggest catfish was a shade over 40lb

Thank you very much and good luck for the rest of the season. - Jim and Linda from Ealing.

My Lake, My Girlfriend and 3 fat commons.....

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