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Catch Reports


26th April - 3rd May

hi fred,sorry we missed you before we left, but we were absolutely soaked and washed out, so we left early. Tom had 3 cats, Mike had 1 cat, and I had 1 cat and 1 mirror carp at 29lb 6oz. All the cats were about 15-20lbs.I hope the next group have a better catch and better weather. please let us know. Do you have any vacancy for September?????. Cheers Ron

Ron, Mike, Dennis and Tom from Cheltenham

19th - 26th of April

Next up saw the visit over from Ricky Kettle and party from Kent who i must say firstly are really very good anglers with an excellent attitude towards their fishing and a real pleasure to have met you all. The fishing on the carp front was not so great this being down to the very unsetteled weather that we are having at the moment although they did manage a few 30's to 36lb along with some other carp from 16lb to 30lb. During the week we removed 22 catfish ranging from 10lb to 20lb which i'm very grateful for gent's so a big thank you for that. Best Cat of the week went 55lb which was put back into the lake.

All the best and thanks for your visit over, let me know as soon as you can which week you can do next year and i'll put you down for that week. Regards Fred & Danny - Carp Hunters Abroad

12th - 19th of April

Cheers Fred had a great few days, Mark done me again with 14 carp to 42lb and i had just the 4 mate to 36lb but really had a great few days. Most of the fish came during the day time from 8am to 19h but we did manage two cats during the night, 35lb and a small one of 16lb,. Fantastic short break away from it all at home but back to the grind now !!

Thanks again..Tony and Mark - London

5th - 12th April

Great weather and fishing spot on, we had numerous carp from 19lb to 52lb and 1 catfish of 22lb which Fred removed from the lake. Maineline cell 18 and 15ml's did the job for us in total between the two of us we put in about 20kg and to be honest we could have put the same in again as they just fed and fed right through the week.

Super venue and great host, many thanks lads and look forward to seeing you again next year. Bob and Alfie

My Lake, My Girlfriend and 3 fat commons.....

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