carp fishing in france

Other attractions near to Lake Merault

Below is a list of a few good places to go while you enjoy your stay at our lakes (If you can get away from the fishing !!)
You will find many leaflets in the caravan on most of the local attractions.


In a park of 6 hectares and only 30 minutes from Lake Merault is aliotis, the magic of the world of water in a day.  Here you will find a shark of 3 meters long and each day a child feeds it, plays with the octopus and strokes the Japanese carp.  There are also piranha's, giant carp, sturgeon and big catfish.  Also there is a boat ride which last about 2 hours, there is also a McDonalds on site.  This is well worth a visit infact I would say it is a must for the children.

Saint Aignan Sur CHER

This really is a medieval historic lovely old City.  It is clear from looking at the castle that its construction spanned a number of architectural periods.  The Haggard tower is the remaining part of the original IXth century fortress.  The Renaissance chateau decorated with scallop shells and the salamander device of King Francis Ist.  This was the home of the Dukes of Beauviller.  There is so much to be said about Saint Aignan that I could go on forever so I'll stop for now.  There is a boat ride along the CHER which last about 2 hours, this starts around the middle of June and goes on until late October.  Well worth a day out if this sort of thing appeals to you.  On Wednesday there is also an excellent market.