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Lake Merault is situated in the Loir et Cher Department 41 region of France about 30 minutes from a town called BLOIS.  This 4½ acres lake is set in 12 acres of idyllic setting, is over one hundred years old and was last drained 27 years ago.  I am assured by the previous owner at the time of the draining all the small Carp between 2/4 kilos were removed from the lake, along with the silver fish, Tench and Pike..etc.  There were Carp to in excess of 14 kilos left in the lake, its hard to gather just how many but the previous owner assures me that there were at least 10 Carp of this size left along with a few Pike, Roach, Perch and Tench.  The only reason that the large Carp were left is because they are no good for EATING!!.

The lake was re-stocked 1 month later with approximately 65 Carp of 8 to 10 kilo's and 9 Catfish each weighing approximately 12 kilo's!.  These fish came from a lake in the next village which had also been drained.  This took place in November of 1989.  The lake has been left unfished and nobody has even swam in it since then.  As a result many of the Carp have grown very big, the best fish caught to date is a 60lb mirror.
As of to date year 2012 the stock level of the carp is about 140. There is a mixture of mainly mirror's, common's, liners, fully scaled, leather carp, and grass carp. There is 1 known mirror over 60lb and possibly also a grass carp, 4 known carp over 50lb and 14 known carp over 40lb along with a few grass carp. We estimate about 60 fish between 20lb and 40lb with the rest of the stock being a mixture of mid to upper doubles.

We also have a good stocking of other predator fish other than the catfish as we also have a good head of pike and perch helping to keep the balance correct. This is really a fantastic stocking level of large carp for a lake of 4 acres and has taken us 12 years to achieve a fact that we are very proud of. The fish in the lake are in excellent condition which is a real credit to the anglers that have fish lake Merault over the last 12 years, so a very big thank you to you all. This lake has never been completely drain in the last 25 years so we are sure that there are a few more surprises yet to come, like the common found dead in swim 1 in year 2005 which was well over 50lb and had never been seen or caught before, so who know's ! For more information on the stocking history and other issues please see our General information page Read

Lake mearult looking down from outlet swim 5 click pour larger image

Facilities at Lake Merault

Lake Merault has a 25ft caravan situated 50 feet from the lake's edge, is tastefully decorated and sleeps 5, or 6 with a push!!. There is also a cabin which has toilet, shower and wash basin, so no problem for the wife and kids. We allow a maximum of 4 anglers using 3 rods with non fishing guest's welcomed. There is a boat supplied for your use and you can also use a bait boat  There is a restaurant, tabac, butchers and bakers in the village and plenty to do and see locally. Please take a look at our other attractions page Read


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