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A selection of some of the captures from Lake Merault our Carp fishing lake in France - These photo's on this page and the following 2 pages date back to year 2000. If you would like to view recent photo's from lake merault please go back to the home page and click the recent photo's link. Hold your mouse pointer over the image for more information or click an image for a larger photo.

Etang Merault lake record 57lb.4oz Catfish of 34lb 33lb Mirror 38lb.3oz
45lb.7oz...Another Merault biggie 24lb.6oz Superb 29lb leather brought from a local lake draining 45lb.7oz
27lb.6oz 22lb.4oz Fully Scaled Mirror 22lb.03oz 41lb.10oz
Nice Fish Liam...26lb.9oz Well done son I taught you to well...46lb.9oz! 34lb.6oz! 42lb.3oz
37lb.11oz Etang Des Palluau biggie Caravan at Etang Merault Well held on to Ian ...54lb.06oz Etang Mearult 25.8oz Mirror....nice fish John well done
I will have to stop giving him my baits!....Well done son 24lb Mearult Mirror taken on Roship Isotonic's Another super upper twenty from Mearult caught by John....27lb.10oz Nice picture Gary A superb 26lb Etang des mearult mirror
4oz under from being yet another Etang des merault thirty The smile says it all well done Paul Etang mearult -  30lb.2oz nice fish phillip and well done. Etang mearult - well done Gary.
Gary at it again! 30lb and a bit.....congratulations!! A big well done to Charlie seen here with a nice 23lb mirror carp caught from Mearult while on holiday with his dad A nice 31lb.10 mirror carp caught from Etang des Mearult by Tony from Edmonton

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