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First and foremost, we are Carp anglers having fished at home and in France for many years.  My father Peter who has now reached the grand old age of 74, has many years of experience behind him, having first started fishing exclusively for Carp in the late sixties's. We feel that with our combined knowledge which we have gained over the years has enabled us to build up an understanding of what the concerning Carp angler expects.  Carp Hunters Abroad is family run. My father and I along with my wife and children decided to move to France in 1998.  It took us 18 months to find our homes and the Carp lake that we now own Lake Merault. Preparing for the lake's opening date MARCH 2001 was not easy, much work has been undertaken, and much money spent!.  We live close by to the lake and are on hand to assist you when needed.

Did I really look
like that !

The way it used
to be !

I remember the night well....I had taken my son at the time aged 12 (That's him opposite with that pathetic hair cut holding that little common) to a carp lake in Lincolnshire I had booked the farm house beside the lake, so that if it got cold we could retreat to the warmth of the open fire, well as you can see it did get cold !! and I never made the open fire. Needless to say my son did.

I could have never of dreamt at the time, some 35 years later we would be the owners of our own carp lake in France a little late for me but as they say better late than never !

I caught this fish on a worm injected with small amounts of cooking oil, from a lake near to where I used to live in London (Hainult Lake).  Although the fish above was only a small 17lb common, its just one of those captures that sticks in the mind, as it was the first I had caught using this method.  I went on to catch all the known carp that season using exactly the same method, although I must admit, I did get fed-up with catching tench and eel's most of the night.

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