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Our aims are quite simple, we aim to provide top quality unrestricted Carp fishing in France for the concerning Carp angler.  To provide help and assistance where needed, to give good value for money and to welcome you back time and time again.  In a nutshell, everything that we looked for on our own journeys throughout France, but seldom found.  As already mentioned we are carp anglers providing for carp anglers not just out to make a quick buck and to tell you what you want to hear,..... You know the sort of stuff.....We have a 75lb Mirror with two heads, that gets caught 5 times a week and his mate that swims with him Harry die hard that normally comes out at about 80lb and fights like mike Tyson. After 13 years of being the owners of this lake i can assure you that the stocking is spot on and there are some fantastic carp in Lake Mearult ranging from 15lb to over 60lb and some very big cats to over 80lb


Lake Merault


Yes Lake Merault has a large fully equipped 5/6 berth caravan which has cooking facilities and lounge area, the caravan is situated 50ft from bank side. There is also a wooden cabin which has toilet, shower and wash basin which is very clean and tidy


Lake Merault is of course private and owned by us, so therefore night fishing is not a problem and no fishing licence's are required.

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Lake Merault

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