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Lake Merault

December 2001

The water level of the lake was lowered in December 2001 in an attempt to remove some of the poisson chat which inhabit the water. We arrived at the lake on Saturday the 8th at 8.30am in the morning in what was to be the most trying day my family and I have had since we moved over here in April 2000. Never did I anticipate that the problems which were to come!

We had been slowly draining the lake for the last 3 days and on Saturday morning the water level was down to about 2 feet over most of the lake. We had brought along with us two French friends who had promised me that it was a piece of cake and that we would have rid of all the poisson chat by late afternoon. The truth of the matter was that at 9.30pm with the rain now belting down and the wife none to pleased that she had hardly eaten all day we were still in the drink trying to capture these little gritters with our home made 50 meter seine net. The problem was we were just so ill prepared it was laughable so we decided to call it a day and postpone things until tomorrow morning.

After a good shower and spending th night in a nice warm bed we were back at the lake at 10.30am to do battle with the little gritters once again but this time a better thought out plan of attack and equipment on hand. By 4.30pm the job was done and although we did not get them all, over 90% are no longer!. To have completely removed all the poisson chat we would have had to take the water level down by another foot or so which would have put the stress level and lack of oxygen issues at to much of a risk for the Carp. We still leave cages out baited with food for the poisson chat but our return at the end of the week is minimal. As of to date March 2002 there has not been any problems with them so it looks like job well done, there will also now be more available food for the carp which will help to promote their growth weights and keep this lake going in the right direction.

November 2003

25 carp mostly mirrors between 23lb and 28lb stocked and 12 catfish between 15lb and 25lb stocked to get rid of the few remaining poisson chat

January 2005

Not one single poisson chat left !! removed 22 catfish ranging from 15lb to 20lb. A further 30 carp stocked ranging from 25lb to 45lb with a few linear"s, fully scaled and leather carp.

January 2008

Removed 70 catfish ranging from 10lb to 40lb. A further 10 carp stocked all over 30lb and some real peaches.

March 2011

Removed 25 catfish ranging from 10lb to 25b.

December 2012

Three big catfish between 25lb and 50lb removed which now brings the stock level of the catfish down to about 30. We took out 47 carp between 5lb and 18lb which now brings the stock level of the carp to about 140. There is a mixture of mainly mirror's, common's, liners, fully scaled, leather carp, and grass carp. There is 1 known mirror over 60lb and possibly also a grass carp, 4 known carp over 50lb and 14 known carp over 40lb along with a few grass carp. We estimate about 60 fish between 20lb and 40lb with the rest of the stock being a mixture of mid to upper doubles. We also have a good stocking of other predator fish other than the catfish as we also have a good head of pike and perch helping to keep the balance correct. This is really a fantastic stocking level of large carp for a lake of 4½ acres and has taken us 12 years to achieve a fact that we are very proud of. The fish in the lake are in excellent condition which is a real credit to the anglers that have fish lake Mearult over the last 12 years, so a very big thank you to you all. This lake has never been completely drain in the last 25 years so we are sure that there are a few more surprises yet to come, like the common found dead in swim 1 in year 2005 which was well over 50lb and had never been seen or caught before, so who know's !

December 2013

Removed another over 40 catfish ranging from 16lb to 40lb and 12 small carp from 11lb to 13lb. Stocked 2 small linear carp 12lb and 14lb and 3 fully scalled mirror carp, 10, 15 and 17lb. In addition i have put 10 very young and fast growing strain of carp 'mixture of common's and mirror's all around the 22lb mark to go with the exsiting stock. The fish stocked this winter should all go on to be big fish in the next 3 years or so and compliment the big carp that are already in the lake and replace any of the big older carp that may die in the next fews years as some of them are over 30 years old now. I will be taking out some more catfish during 2014 as my plan is to leave just 2 or 3 of the big one's, so i have another 20 or so of the smaller catfish to remove during next season. This will ensure the future growth of both the original and recently stock carp

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Lake Merault

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